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Heel Pain – Relief in a bottle

Cool Heels is a foot specific ice massage device – ideal for the treatment of heel pain, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, foot arch pain, tendonitis and more.

Ice massage has been shown to be an effective treatment for soft tissue injury.

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Don't live with heel pain

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Simple but effective relief is but a roll away. Success means no pain with first steps in the morning, no aching at the end of the day and a pain free foot again.

Why it helps

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The ice & cooling effect of the bottle will help alleviate pain associated with inflammation. The massage effect of the clinically designed raises in the bottle helps to displace chronic/long standing inflammation and encourage better faster healing.

Help prevent foot pain

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A daily foot massage may also help with general foot comfort, improved flexibility prevention of foot injury.


"I use Cool Heels as an integral part of a heel pain treatment plan for plantar fasciopathy. In addition it works well as a preventative therapy to assist with improving flexibility in the plantar aspect of the foot . We use the Cool Heels device for both preventive therapy and treatment on all types of sporting participants ranging from professional soccer players to Olympic athletes..."

Matthew Percy – Sports Podiatrist for Central Coast Mariners and Sydney FC

"I was so pleased to find something that helped ease my heel pain. Can only think of one word – Brilliant"

HR, Gosford

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